“a devil in an angel’s body.”

“the bois are just like bitches but collectively more holes and fewer problems.”

“timing is everything  ~ but it was fucking shit.”  

“maybe it’s me.”

don’t come home until you’re drunk.” 

“I’ll eat your ass and make the pain go away…I’ll hold your hair when you vom.”

“not tryna be so raw but i’m not gonna sugarcoat it” 

“it’s okay son have a turn on the hubbly bubbly”

concept: start a restaurant that caters for lovers (a romanticised setting), red themed with roses on every table, champagne and red wine, slow jazz classics, chandelier in centre of restaurant, high altitude building with a huge glass outlook into the city – stools looking outwards, one table for two on a private balcony – sublime exclusiveness and privacy, dim lighting hung from ceiling plus tall candles.

“somewhere in between love and lust.”

“you’re just sorting through your feelings and that’s perfectly fine, writing stuff like that down is extremely therapeutic and really good for you, every single one of your thoughts and feelings are valid and for a reason, never forget that.”

“i couldn’t even tell you what she loved, because I thought she loved me, but even that was a lie. ”

“the day is ticking away”